Over ten years ago a quaint little store called Cottage by the Sea opened in Ward Centers in Honolulu Hawaii. Filled with vintage furniture, flea market finds and home decor, this little "cottage" reminded us of a romantic beach home on the coast of a hidden town. Every vintage case was filled with handmade jewelry collections from some of the best indie artists and handmade jewelers including designers from Hawaii, California, Oregon and New York. Through the years this store grew into a spacious 2500 sq ft corner space at Ward Centers with an upstairs work-loft. Clothing was added to the mix in 2006 and customers flocked to the store to find romantic-inspired and beachy looks at affordable prices. The new spacious location also meant the addition of more beachy, ocean-inspired home decor, and more jewelry from local artisans too. With a large social media following that spans the globe, this store was recently acquired by new owners with plans to expand to Japan by the end of 2014. The lovely Honolulu Ward Centers location closed its doors Jan. 3, 2014 with a renewed focus on its website and online presence. The Honolulu team will continue to run the website and we hope you can now visit us with just a click of your mouse! Over the past ten years we have had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented artists, designers and companies. If there is a product you don't see here, please email us and we will happily point you in the right direction!